Saturday, January 17, 2015

Update 1

I didn't think to create a development blog at the start of this project, but now that I have I will post some updates here. To show what is done so far, here is a gameplay video showcasing the current state of the game.

So... still a lot to do! Even for such a small game. Here are some of the planned features:

  • Different Planets
  • Planet Atmospheres and effects.
  • Warp Speed
  • More interior areas in space ship
Some of these may be absent in the initial release, just to roll the game out as soon as possible.

The visuals are far from done, the ship isn't textured and doesn't even have a backdoor. Here's concept art I did of what I want it to look like in the end.

I know it isn't the best art or anything, but the important thing here is the feel.

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